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Talk 4 Number

Support mathematical language and communication.

Talk 4 Number is a structured light touch intervention, developed by Edge Hill University under the Every Child Counts (ECC) initiative. School Improvement Liverpool are an ECC accredited provider, who train teaching assistants (TA) to deliver the course.

It has been designed for:
  • Pupils mainly in Year 3 or 4 who struggle to use and understand mathematical language/or to talk fluently about their mathematics
  • Pupils in Year 3 or above who are in the later stages of learning English as an Additional Language    

Talk 4 Number comprises of 24 sessions, each lasting about 30 minutes. It is delivered to a group of four pupils by a trained teaching assistant or teacher, about three times a week, for eight weeks. It is delivered outside the classroom, in addition to pupils daily mathematics lessons.
Talk 4 Number:
  • helps pupils to talk confidently about number
  • builds mathematical language, understanding and enjoyment
  • develops a wide range of mathematical talk explaining, instructing, presenting
  • develops speaking and listening skills in number contexts
  • strengthens reflection and metacognition
  • extends teaching assistants subject knowledge and expertise
  • supports mathematical talk throughout the school
Training in Talk 4 Number costs £600 and includes:
  • 2 x 0.5 days training for a Link teacher
  • 1 full day and 2 x 0.5 days for a Teaching Assistant
  • high quality resource pack
  • detailed lesson plans
  • data analysis facility and access to the Edge Hill website
  • e-mail/ telephone support from trainer
£600.00 +VAT per delegate.
You can book your place online or e-mail Lisa.Baggaley@si.liverpool.gov.uk for further details.