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School Improvement Partner and Headteacher Appraisal

A Critical Friend
Since the removal of the statutory requirement for School Improvement Partner (SIP), this aspect of the offer continues to provide appropriate levels of challenge to the school through the ASPR process and termly visits whilst also providing a flexible and tailored support package which can include support for Governors, provision of CPD or additional challenge meetings.

Supporting and challenging the school to improve educational and wellbeing, your SIP will work with you to agree the current performance of the school, assist you in identifying areas of strength to be celebrated and identifying areas for further improvement.

LSIP Visits 16/17

There is only one reporting template for LSIP visits with officers completing the report termly.  LSIPs will populate the reports throughout the academic year and the frequency of the visits will remain the same.
The reporting format has been trialled in the past and shared with representatives of LPHA and the LSIP team.
We believe that a single report will avoid duplication and make the information easily accessible to Headteachers.
LSIPs will explain the format, in greater detail, on request from the Headteacher.

Here is the report template.  Please download EYFS report template and Guidance

Headteacher Performance Management

As part of the LSIP role agreed with Liverpool maintained schools, the framework provides for up to one half-day dedicated to supporting governors in their statutory role of ensuring headteacher performance management on an annual basis.
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http://www.ednet.co/userfiles/files/Guidance%20for%20LSIPs%20and%20schools%20on%20completing%20the%20EYFS%20tables%20for%20LSIP%20reporting%20.docxSupport and challenge to improve

Our passionate officers have significant experience in a wide range of transformational approaches and in building and sustaining outstanding practice, and can bring additional capacity to you and your leadership team as you strive to obtain the best possible outcomes against your school development priorities and to improve educational outcomes for your learners.

We offer:
  •  Partnership working to bring about improvements in outcomes
  • An objective view for Governors of the school’s performance and a written record of any current or emerging risks
  • Support the duty of care and wellbeing for the Headteacher
  • Evaluation in collaboration with the school of the quality of support accessed
  • Support for School Self-Evaluation
Example Primary SIP Programme
Joint monitoring activities
  • Lesson observations
  • Book inspection
  • Learning walks
Preparing for school Ofsted
  • Tailored and specific  school reviews
  • Supported self-evaluation processes
  • SEF review
  • Staff CPD

Analysing data and ensuring it impacts on provision 

  • Pupil progress scrutiny
  • Evaluation of progress for vulnerable groups
  • Annual School Performance Review

Target setting

  • Challenging but realistic end of key stage targets
  • Using target milestones to manage consistent pupil progress within and between years
  • Developing the use of pupil progress meetings   

Leadership development

  • Development and support for new leaders or Senior Leadership teams
  • Best practice in school self-evaluation
  • Consultation on leadership models
  • Managing difficult conversations
  • Specific development for SENCo, subjects and assessments

Plus Brokering high quality specialist support, bespoke governor training, providing updates on school performance and Head teacher appraisal.

Example Secondary SIP Programme
Autumn term

Annual review of the school’s performance including:
  • Target setting
  • Identifying areas of strength
  • Agreeing key improvement foci and support requirements
  • Evaluating the appropriateness of the school’s improvement planning
Spring term
  • Discussions around the school’s chosen priorities
  • Update on Current Year 11 and Year 13 achievement and standards
Summer term
  • Discussions around the school’s chosen priorities
  • Update on current Year 10 and 12 achievement and standards
Throughout the year, as required
  • Meeting with Governors to discuss relevant aspects of the school performance and priorities
  • Supporting the school to sustain excellence
  • Development to keep pace of changing education priorities
  • Attending Ofsted feedback
A five day SIP package is £2,725 +VAT.

All Liverpool Maintained Schools are entitled to 5 SIP days per year.
To order or for further information e-mail: ednet@si.liverpool.gov.uk
All Liverpool Maintained Schools are entitled to 5 SIP days per year.
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