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Risk & Insurance

Advice, Guidance and Solutions

We provide Schools with an integrated risk management and insurance service, advice on security issues and where particular problems arise; we will work to help identify solutions.

We aim to:
  • Provide advice/guidance on insurance & risk management matters
  • Improve management of risks within schools & develop risk registers
  • Provide a cost effective programme of insurance & claims funding and an efficient claims handling service
  • Protect school assets & mitigate losses/claims against schools
  • Continue to roll-out school risk ranking surveys – leading to potential savings in insurance premiums

Risk Register, Ranking and Surveys

We carry out Risk Ranking Surveys annually and have successfully managed to lower insurance premiums for Liverpool Schools, by showing insurers how they actively manage their risks.

We offer schools access to a system called JCAD, which is used to house departments/services areas/directorates risk registers.

We have developed a ‘generic risk register’ where the types of risks facing schools can be easily identified.

The system helps schools become proactive in managing the risks they face (e.g. funding, increase/decrease in pupil numbers, operational everyday risks) by setting target dates for risks to be mitigated and sending reminders for risks to be reviewed.

There is no charge for accessing JCAD and schools using it, receive a 10% discount on your SLA price.

A Schools Risk Toolkit has been developed to help schools identify, evaluate and analyse their risks and a How To user guide has also been compiled to help you navigate the system. 

Each school will have their own user name and password and will only be able to access their own Risk Register.

Useful Resources

Claim forms, policies and fact sheets are available in our resources library


Steve Johnson
Insurance & Claims Manager
0151 233 2868
Graham McCann
Insurance Officer
0151 233 2996
Julia Bagot
Insurance Officer
0151 233 2731

All maintained schools are automatically enrolled into the Risk & Insurance service agreement.
Voluntary Aided schools pay for liability only.
For further details read our School SLA 2015-16 and VA School SLA 2015-16.
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