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ReadWrite A2Z

An early intervention programme with a layered approach to literacy learning

ReadWrite A2Z is a 6 week programme for children who are just beginning to develop literacy skills and is delivered by a specially trained teaching assistant.

It enables children to build up a reading and writing lexicon and provides evidence of early intervention and a layered approach to literacy learning. 

The aim is for children to feel confident in writing simple sentences with basic punctuation and to nurture a love of reading.
It is designed to be delivered by TAs with daily 20-30 minute programmes for a small group of children, which incorporates guided reading and writing.
The training is for TAs and class teachers and takes place over two days.

In six weeks children will:

- read 24 books
- learn to read and write 30 high frequency words independently
- learn to use capital letters and full stops
- learn to sequence a sentence
- learn how to correctly form letters

"We really have seen the benefit for our children delivering this intervention group.
The children have been asking our LSA everyday when they would be doing the group again as they love it. We use Read Write A2Z with our more able children in Reception too and this also has a massive impact on their writing".

- Assistant Headteacher, Blessed Sacrament catholic Primary School
£675.00 +VAT for teacher and TA
You can book online or for more information e-mail Jeannie.turner@si.liverpool.gov.uk.