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Radiation Protection

Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services (CLEAPSS)
Save on costs, not safety!

The Radiation Protection Officer supports the use of radioactive sources in schools, through the Consortium of Local Education Authorities for the Provision of Science Services (CLEAPSS).

School Improvement Liverpool provides the CLEAPPS Radioactivity Protection Advisory (RPA) service to all maintained schools through the provision of a Radioactivity Protection Officer (RPO).  Academy and Independent schools within Liverpool can also purchase this service from School Improvement Liverpool at a significant discount! 

This support is vital due to the storage of radioactive sources in schools, and in order to comply with the legislation set out in the ‘lonising Radiation Regulations’ (1999).The RPO acts as the link between the schools and the RPA and is trained by CLEAPPS, to visit schools to monitor practice and procedure in order to sure compliance with the legislation.
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Service Features

The RPO will check:
  • Accurate record of radioactive sources
  • That the log of source use is up-to-date and sources are appropriately stored
  • Sources for leakage at suitable intervals and source management is appropriate
Information and guidance on risk assessment  will be provided by the RPO, as well as the transfer of information to the CLEAPPS RPA and relay advice directly to schools and ensure the advice is implemented.
The Radioactivity Protection Advisory (RPA) service can be purchased by Academies within Liverpool for £195.00

An average school of 1,200 pupils would pay £259.20 purchasing directly through CLEAPPS - By accessing the service through SIL, you will save whilst still receive the same high standard of service.
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