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Pupil Premium Reviews
Full-model Pupil Premium reviews can be commissioned by any school and are designed to support school leaders and governors in self-evaluating the effectiveness and impact of educational provision paid for from designated Pupil Premium funding. 
Pupil Premium Reviews by School Improvement Liverpool:
  • Are Impartial and solely evidence- based
  • Establish which strategies are working well and which are not impacting effectively
  • Make recommendations
  • Fully support the whole school improvement cycle
  • Are led by a Senior School Improvement Officer (SSIO) from the SIL team
Pupil Premium reviews carried out by the School Improvement Liverpool (SIL) team follow a structure and approach that has been validated by Ofsted and by national leaders of Pupil Premium evaluation.
SIL pupil premium reviews meet the requirement for ‘external’ scrutiny if a Pupil Premium review has been recommended by Ofsted.
In some circumstances, an adapted review may be also provided for SIL partner schools – either as a commissioned service or as part of the intervention provided within Graduated Levels and associated time tariffs. 
A Full Pupil Premium Review: Where a Pupil Premium review has been mandated by Ofsted following an inspection, the schools assigned SSIO (if applicable) will not participate in the review; an alternative officer will be commissioned in order to emphasise the external/objective nature of the review. 

To provide further objectivity and rigour, additional ‘external’ consultancy will be commissioned by SIL, on behalf of the receiving school.  Expert consultancy will be drawn from a pool of Headteacher’s from Liverpool schools where Pupil Premium performance is consistently high and/or where there has been national recognition/accreditation of the school’s work with deprived pupils. These Headteacher’s have undertaken training and development alongside SSIO’s; some were instrumental in developing the accredited review model.   The external model is a ‘full review’ model and will be delivered to the specified outline and at the specified price. 

The cost of the Pupil Premium Review is £1950.00

Please click here for the Pupil Premium Review Model