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Professional Associations & Networks

Current national and local education information and updates via professional associations and forums/networks.
The secondary team constantly review national education updates from DfE,Ofqual, Examination Boards and the education community to ensure up to date knowledge of current and relevant information. The team consider local implications and ensure relevant associations, forums and networks are fully updated.

Consultancy support for leadership teams

This is a flexible offer and can include role specific support for recently appointed Senior Leaders, in school consultancy on an area of choice or ‘Ofsted’ style challenge meetings.

Membership of Senior Leadership, Sixth Form and Teaching and Learning Forums

The three leadership forums provide at least termly opportunities for school leaders to receive updates on key information, discuss implications of local and national developments and, where relevant, agree a collective response.

A recent example is the work undertaken by the Learning & Teaching Forum to develop a city wide approach to assessment in the new national curriculum.

‘I attended presentation today updating the secondary schools in Liverpool on the work being done by  colleagues in the city to produce assessment models for KS3. It was really very impressive to see how colleagues in schools have progressed the issue so far.’
- Assistant Headteacher

Ofsted rapid response support

Senior Officers will respond immediately to short notice inspections by arriving at the school as soon as possible after notification, supporting the school in their final preparation of evidence, attending meetings with inspectors as required and attending the final feedback session.

Support for Headteacher recruitment process

When required Senior secondary officers will support the recruitment of new Headteachers. This support often includes the provision of appropriate activities and questions to form part of the interview process.
Starting at just £50 +VAT a session, individual network costs are detailed in the training site
For further information e-mail sil@si.liverpool.gov.uk.
Liverpool Maintained schools can access selected training courses and networks free as part of the Universal offer - just look for the 'Included in the Universal Offer' banner!
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