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Post 16 Staff Support & CPD

From September 2013 all students aged 16 to 19 in full or part-time education will
be expected to follow a study programme tailored to their individual needs, education and employment goals. Ofsted will inspect 16 to 19 study programmes in schools and academies with sixth forms through the school inspection framework as part of regular institutional inspections. In addition to Ofsted inspection, providers will be accountable for the quality of the study programmes that they offer their students through minimum standards that all 16 to 19 providers will be expected to meet.

Ofsted 16 to 19 study programme, guidance for inspecting school sixth forms.
The changing education and funding landscape for school sixth forms is addressed through the Post 16 Curriculum and Quality Group, The Head of Sixth Form Network and in school consultancy.

In school consultancy

In school consultancy
The Senior School Improvement Officer with responsibility for Post 16 provides consultancy support on a range of issues including post 16 data and funding.

“I want to thank you for all that you have done to help and support me since I was appointed Head of 6th, it has been invaluable and without it I would not have made the inroads that we have made. So again thank you and for the data and questions and support you gave me that helped me prepare for the OFSTED interview. I look forward to continuing our improvement journey together.”

Post 16 Curriculum and Quality Group

This group was established in 2014 at the request of secondary headteachers to provide updates to Senior Leaders with responsibility for Post 16 provision in their schools

Head of Sixth Form Network

The termly forum for staff responsible for management of sixth form provision ensures forum members are kept up to date with local and national developments and provides the opportunity to share effective practice in a supportive environment.

Maths for new A Level specifications

CPD session to support the development of key mathematics skills required by the new A Level specifications. The new specifications for the subjects listed below have identified Maths content for the first time. Support will be available through 2 hour CPD sessions. 
  • Maths for A Level Biology
  • Maths for A Level Physics
  • Maths for A Level Chemistry
  • Maths for A Level Business
  • Maths for A Level Geography
  • Maths for A Level Economics
  • Maths for A Level Psychology

More Learning, Less Teaching

Supporting teachers to develop strategies which promote independence and higher level thinking in sixth form teaching

Academic Writing for Sixth Form

A series of sessions to support staff and students with the demands of A Level essay writing
  • Pre CPD session :scrutiny of essays from across sixth form essay based subjects to establish areas for development
  • Session 1 (staff): practical classroom approaches to essay planning and writing
  • Session 2 (students): students are taken through the essay writing process to teach them the approaches prior to apply with teachers in class
  • Post CPD: scrutiny of essays to evaluate impact

Health and Social Care/Child Development

School Improvement Liverpool in partnership with local practitioners has developed a unique offer to support both staff and post 16 students working within a range of qualifications including:
BTEC Children’s Care, Learning and Development
Health and Social Care
Child Development
NEW  Early Years Educator qualifications
For staff:
Secondary colleagues are able to access a full range of practical courses delivered by S.I.L.’s experts providing the most up-to-date CPD and helping to satisfy new exam board requirements in a developmentally new approach.
Courses available include:
  • Block play
  • Immersive learning
  • Role of the Key worker

Enhance your curricular provision for your post 16 students

Support examination performance with attendance at a full day’s training event with your students delivered by School Improvement Liverpool’s Early Years Team.
The day’s course will include:
  • Practical, hands-on experience related to the importance of play
  • Links to theoretical aspects of their post 16 courses
  • Visiting experts from local Early Years settings
Consultancy and in school support: £500 +VAT per day. 
Networks and Associations: starting at just £50 +VAT a session, individual network costs are detailed in the training site.
For further information e-mail sil@si.liverpool.gov.uk.
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