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Personal Education Plans

Personal Education Plans

All looked after children should have a PEP as part of their overall care plan

The designated teacher has lead responsibility for the development and implementation of the PEP within school and should be available in time for the local authority review of the child’s wider care plan. ( LAC Review )
  • The pupil’s views on their educational progress and future plans should be sought prior to the PEP meeting. 
  • The age appropriate Pupil’s Views Forms, on this page may assist you with this requirement.
  • The PEP meetings MUST include the social worker as s/he is the  ‘Corporate Parent ‘ and the carer MUST also be invited to the meeting.
  • The PEP process must be followed for any child on the roll of the school, even if for any reason they are not actually attending.

Submit a PEP online 

Documents to support the PEP process can be found in our resources section
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