Personal, Social, Health and Economic education

The Liverpool Health & Wellbeing team can support teachers in all aspects of PSHEe.

The DfE have recently published PSHE Education - a review of impact and effective practice - which makes interesting reading.

Below are a number of resources, training opportunities and good practice which will enable staff in your school to plan and deliver whole school PSHEe.


PSHEe Lead Briefings

PSHEe teaching resources

Anti Bullying Showcase

This video was kindly provided by Broadgreen Primary School.

Philosophy for Children

Liverpool School Improvement trains teachers to practice philosophy within their own classrooms to  develop children’s thinking skills; we concentrate on the 4Cs of philosophical thinking – caring, creative, critical and collaborative thinking.

We believe that this helps to nurture children socially, but also improves their learning across the curriculum. There is further information on the SAPERE website (Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education) which you can go to

Julie McCann the PSHEe lead is a SAPERE trainer based in Liverpool School Improvement Service and happy to support your school in developing Philosophy for Children. Julie has worked with colleagues from a number of schools both within and beyond Liverpool, delivering whole staff training.

This short film which shows Philosophy taking place in a Liverpool Primary and Secondary school showcases children’s enquiries in Reception, Year 6 and 6th form.  It is only 12 minutes long but provides a good overview of the service.

Philosophy for Children from first take on Vimeo.

Smoking Project

As part of the Healthy Schools Package, a range of smoking workshops aimed at educating children about the harmful effects of smoking are offered. Schools have carried out whole-school surveys and taken part in a series of lessons to help develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes to empower them to remain smoke-free as they enter adolescence and adulthood.

If you have not purchased the Healthy Schools package you can purchase this project separately  as a network of schools and run this in your own authority please contact us or call 0151 233 3901

Smoking Prevention Project At Lower Key Stage 2 - Objectives
  • To assess children’s existing knowledge and experience of cigarette smoking.
  • To increase children’s understanding of the impact of cigarette smoking.
  • To help children to develop strategies to resist pressure to take up cigarette smoking.
  • To develop a sustainable anti-smoking resource for schools.
  • To increase awareness of partners from outside agencies who promote and deliver smoking awareness sessions.

Outcomes and Conclusion - Project 2013

“The baseline and summative assessments carried out as part of the project indicated that significant changes in skills of resisting peer-pressure, negotiation and communication and attitudes of confidence and managing risk had taken place.”

Whether measured by health or educational outcomes, or value for money, this project has proved to be immensely successful.

Similarly, this could provide a model for other cities to improve health outcomes for future generations beyond Liverpool.”  - NHS Liverpool Commissioning Group in collaboration with Health Schools Liverpool 2013

General Election Lesson Plans

All training can be booked online.

Costs vary depending on the length of the course and any associated accreditation.
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