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Ofsted Support

Advice and Support through Ofsted
The demand for better schools has never been greater, with constant pressure from government, industry and parents to inspire and enable young people to be the best they can be so that in the fullness of time they will be able to play a positive and active role in society.

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Reviews are most effective for:

• Evaluating progress against key issues
• Identifying areas requiring improvement
• Supporting school self-evaluation
• Ensuring your school is receiving appropriate and adequate support to secure improvement
• Evaluating leadership if this has been identified as an area requiring significant improvement
• Ensuring cohesive and corporate approach to school improvement
• Supporting the induction of a newly formed Senior Leadership Team
• Supporting your move from good to outstanding

A written report is produced within ten working days of the review identifying the key findings and outlining key recommendations.
Schools are usually at different stages of readiness for inspection.  We have an excellent record of improving schools across a range of different contexts and offer bespoke, practical support for those expecting Ofsted. Take the stress out of waiting for “the call” by ensuring you are ready to hit the ground running when the Inspection Team arrives.

Our collaborative approach will focus on areas such as:

• Pupil work scrutiny
• Interviews with key personnel, governors and pupils
• An analysis of data and trends over time
• Analysis of self-evaluation evidence
• Learning walk
• Working with school leaders to prepare a Pre-Inspection Briefing (PIB)

Ofsted just left?  Concerned about how to make the improvements recommended?  Need advice or support to bring about rapid change?

Tackling key areas for improvement as outlined by Ofsted in reports can present schools with a range of challenges, especially if the inspectors will be back in a matter of months. We can offer tailored post Ofsted support for school leaders to ensure that rapid and sustained improvement is brought about before the next inspection visit.
Costs are dependent on the length of programme, but are based on £500 a day
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Liverpool Maintained Schools can access our Ofsted rapid response support: intensive and timely support prior to and during Ofsted Inspections.

Senior Officers will respond immediately to short notice inspections by arriving at the school as soon as possible after notification, supporting the school in their final preparation of evidence, attending meetings with inspectors as required and attending the final feedback session.
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