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Numbers Count

Numbers Count

Numbers Count™ enables pupils to make accelerated progress and catch up with their peers.

Numbers Count™ has been developed by Edge Hill University under the Every Child Counts (ECC) initiative. School Improvement Liverpool are an ECC accredited provider, training teachers to deliver an intensive intervention programme aimed at pupils who have the greatest difficulties with mathematics.

There are two versions:
  • Numbers Count for children in Years 1 to 3
  • Numbers Count 2 for children in Years 4 to 6 and beyond
Every child has a programme of at least 40 half hour Numbers Count lessons over 3 or 4 months, while continuing to take part in their normal class mathematics lessons.
Training to become a Numbers Count teacher is intensive and rewarding.

A Numbers Counts trained teacher begins by making a detailed diagnostic assessment of what each child knows and then plans an individualised programme to help each one to move forward. Lessons focus on number and calculation, follow a set routine and are rigorous and active.

For further details download the Numbers Count Flyer by clicking on the image above.

Over the last six years, School Improvement Liverpool have trained 60 Numbers Counts teachers, who have supported over 600 children experiencing the greatest difficulties in mathematics to make accelerated progress towards national expectations. 

Nationally, the outcomes reported by schools were the best ever – children’s average standard age scores rose by 15.3 months after 4 months of intensive support, with almost every intervention achieving greater gains than the year before. The average number age gain made by children across Merseyside on the Numbers Count programme was 19.4 months in approximately 40 lessons, well above the national average of 17.8 months. In addition, teachers said that 95% of the children showed a more positive attitude to learning in class after their interventions.

‘25 years in teaching and Numbers Count is one of the best courses I have attended.’
Newly Accredited Teacher 2015

‘An excellent informative day, thank you, great support as usual!'
Continuing Teacher 2015

The programme covers a full academic year and consists of:
  • Seven days of CPD across the year
  • Telephone and e-mail support from our Teacher Leader
  • Network meetings and visits to learning partners
  • Access to the Numbers Count website, including resources, guidance and detailed data analysis reports
  • Accreditation as a Numbers Count Teacher in line with published standards and opportunities 
  • At least two half day support visits in school
Training place £2,200 +VAT
Continuing Contact place £800 +VAT
You can book your place online or e-mail Lisa.Baggaley@si.liverpool.gov.uk for further details.
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