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Liverpool Environmental Advocate Team (LEAT)

Liverpool Environmental Advocate Team (LEAT)
We have wide experience of working with EYFS/KS1/2/3/4 and our sessions are easily adapted to meet the needs of SEND pupils.

We have long demonstrated that we have the expertise to provide support for teachers in delivering National Curriculum Key Stages, transforming our parks, woodlands and open spaces into living classrooms.

Sessions include:
  • Heritage and local history sessions at CHCP - such as our flagship role playing event Victorian Christmas
  • Study of seasonal change
  • Plant growth, Tree Identification
  • Habitats and mini-beasts
  • Local History and geography sessions
  • Pond Dips, Treasure Hunts, Community Fun Days

We have recently launched a recycling competition called Recycle Michael for primary and secondary schools. The aim is to improve the recycling performance of the schools, the children and their families, thereby supporting the efforts of Liverpool City Council in reducing landfill waste.

Our Vision

We will strive to enrich the quality of life for present and future generations in cleaner, greener, safer parks, woodlands and green spaces.

We will deliver the highest standards of excellence in education and interpretation and become a self-financing catalyst that empowers people; facilitates positive change in local lives and enhances Liverpool as a place where healthier, happier people are proud to live, work and aspire to be.

We will achieve this by:
  • Utilising over 20 years of knowledge and experience in delivering a comprehensive service while providing a visible and welcoming presence in and around our green spaces
  • Promoting community cohesion, respect and pride by engendering a sense of ownership in our parks, woodlands and green spaces while enhancing the appreciation in our residents of their local history and cultural heritage.
  • Working with partners and stakeholders to deliver and facilitate Life Long Learning events based around history, cultural heritage, the environment, social responsibility, health and wellbeing and sustainable living
  • Supporting schools in delivering the national curriculum by using our green spaces as outdoor classrooms
  • Coordinating and empowering volunteer groups to help enhance our green spaces and increase our offer to schools, the local community and visitors
  • Supporting the animation and interpretation of parks and Liverpool’s cultural offer for the local community and visitors to the city
  • Supporting Liverpool City Council’s green initiatives such as recycling and climate change while facilitating community involvement
  • Tackling health issues such as child obesity and improving health and wellbeing by exploiting the health benefits of the natural environment
  • Continuously evaluating, innovating and improving what we offer to meet changing needs within our diverse communities

Sessions - Overview

Here are details of our most popular sessions - we can of course design something bespoke for individual schools.
Event Duration Location Focus
Heritage/Environmental sessions 1.5 hours Croxteth Hall
& Country Park
Hands on History, Maths and Maths, Habitats £125 per class
Heritage/Environmental sessions 1.5 hours A location of your choice Bespoke content/focus £150 per class 
Harvest Helpers / Spring Awake 1.5 hours Croxteth Hall
& Country Park
Premium role play event £175  per class
Mini Beast + Pond Dip + Nature Trail 1.5 hours Everton Park Nature Garden Up to 2 classes at a time rotating between pond
dip-mini beast-nature walk
(2 rangers)
£175 per class
Victorian Christmas
2 hours Croxteth Hall
& Country Park
Victorian experience classes rotate between Cook /Housekeeper/ Butler etc… £10 per child
 River Studies 1.5 hours Croxteth Hall
& Country Park
River Studies  £150 per class
Customised Role Play Events

World War 1
2 hours Croxteth Hall
& Country Park
Premium role play event £175 per class

Teachers Notes

Ranger Led sessions start at £125.00 per class (Max 30 Children) at Croxteth Hall and Country Park.
We can also come to your school and/or local park to save you the cost of coach hire these sessions start at £150.00 per class (max 30 Children)

Our services are available to all schools.
‚ÄčTo book an event or for more information call 0151 233 6915 or email: ea.team@liverpool.gov.uk

Also follow us on twitter: @RangerLiverpool
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