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Looked After Children Education Service (LACES)
The Looked After Children Education Service (LACES) aims to improve the educational outcomes of children in care with an innovative programme of early intervention and targeted support to narrow the attainment gap with their peers.

The service consists of a dedicated and committed team, who provide invaluable support and resources for schools, carers, social workers, and most importantly for disengaged and under achieving pupils

The services that we provide are divided into three distinctive delivery themes:

The structure of our service delivery enables a flexible approach to our educational support, with importance being placed on targeting and early intervention.

Our service will continue to be adapted to incorporate changes to statutory guidance, curriculum and the Ofsted inspection framework, but primarily to ensure Liverpool children in care have access to the most appropriate opportunities for them to reach their full potential, wherever they are educated.

‘Thank you for your support and advice this morning, you were so helpful and hopefully D will now have access to a whole range of support. Thanks again!’ 
- Head Teacher, Liverpool Primary School

‘I have spoken with the Head Teacher about the support that LACES have provided to the school. She is extremely happy! I’m sure the additional support will have a significant impact on this child. Thanks for all your help with this case’. 
Social Worker


Telephone:  0151 233 3901 

e-mail:  LACES@liverpool.gov.uk
Resources to support  Looked After Children in Education and PEPs can be downloaded from our Library.
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