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Immersive Learning

Immersive Spaces is an interactive creative classroom which facilitates flexible and experiential approaches to education.

State of the art yet simple to use technology that can quickly set the mood and provide a creative springboard for any lesson.

Engage pupils with positivity and interest; affecting behaviour, attitude & participation.
Raise attainment and deepen understanding of complex topics through interactive, experiential learning.
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How will it benefit my pupils?
  • Pupils are able to influence, develop and take control of their own learning
  • Investigative techniques are encouraged, increasing creative thinking and questioning subject matters
  • Develop independent learners who collaborate together to expand their learning
  • Transport young people anywhere to get their minds truly immersed in the lesson
  • Raise attainment and develop experiential learning by putting pupils in an engaging environment

How will it raise standards and improve teaching & learning?
  • The role of the tutor evolves to become one of facilitator, collaborator, producer and author
  • Explore new ways of engaging your pupils in a safe and easy to programme environment
  • Encourage participation and allow for continuous reflection from young people
  • Deepen the level of understanding in your pupils and raise interaction with subjects and topic areas
  • Enjoy working with a teaching tool that has endless possibilities and will excite your pupils

What will be the wider impact on my school?
  • Engagement is the key to learning and it is widely known that people learn by actively participating, observing, speaking, writing, listening, thinking, drawing and doing. Immersive learning is an enabler.
  • An outstanding teaching tool for the whole school to work with - teach every subject in this unique environment
  • Transformational learning in a state of the art environment that advances pupils understanding
  • Improve behaviour and well-being across the whole school...from pupils to teaching staff to senior managemen

Hire of the 4D Pod for your establishment includes:
  • Delivery and collection of the 4D Pod from your establishment
  • Setup and tutorial on the operation of the 4D Pod
  • Option to upload your own content, or request specific content to be uploaded for you
School rates
The hire of the 4D Pod costs £300 for 2 days, or £500 for a week*

Corporate rates
Hire starts from £300 per day* - contact sil@liverpool.gov.uk for a quote

*Delivery and milage costs may apply. Contact sil@liverpool.gov.uk for more information
To order or for further information click here.
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