School-based literacy programme for struggling learners in Years 3 and 4

GROW@KS2 is an UCL Institute of Education accredited school-based literacy programme for children in Years 3 and 4 who are working below the average of their peers. 
It develops children’s reading skills and comprehension through reading for meaning and promotes ‘reading as a writer’ to improve composition, grammar and spelling.
It also provides access to a secure, user-friendly data system for monitoring and reporting.
Training consists of a 10 week initial professional development course designed to develop understanding of learning and literacy acquisition in Key Stage 2.

For further details download the GROW@KS2 Flyer by clicking on the image above.

Grow@KS2 will:
  • develop an understanding of Key Stage 2 children's learning and literacy acquisition
  • learn skills to assess and overcome children's literacy learning barriers
  • become reflective of teaching decisions and their impact on children's learning in reading and writing
  • learn how to develop and use a gradient of challenge in text reading
  • support progress in reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • reflect on your teaching decisions and the impact on children's learning
  • continue your professional learning.
£1165.00 +VAT per teacher, or £2145.00 +VAT for two teachers.
You can book your place online or e-mail for more information.