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Elective Home Education

Elective Home Education (EHE)
Elective home education (also called home-schooling) refers to the circumstance in which a parent decides to provide education for their child at home rather than sending them to school.

The Education welfare service can support families who EHE and work in collaboration with a number of other local authorities to provide a dedicated website for parents.

Advice and guidance on EHE matters is freely available to all Liverpool schools.

We aim to support parents in meeting these requirements; however, parents are under no legal obligation to work with us.
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Our support includes:

Our support includes:
  • Maintaining a record of notified EHE pupils.
  • Providing an initial phase of support and to ascertain provision being made.
  • Annual monitoring of known cases.
  • Internet support for parents.
  • Liaison with School Health.
Further information is available by reading our EHE - Guidance for Schools

What schools need to do...

Schools need to complete a copy of the Notification of Parents Request to Home Education when a pupil is being withdrawn.


what parents need to do...

Parents have to ensure that their school age child is educated, whether this responsibility is delegated to a school or carried out by parents themselves.

Parents also have to ensure that the education provided is efficient, full time, and that the education is suitable for the child’s age, ability and aptitude.



Call 0151 233 3909 or e-mail alison.cain@liverpool.gov.uk for further advice.




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