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Education Welfare

Education Welfare Service
Our experienced staff can deliver a wide range of assessments, casework and targeted interventions, including statutory enforcement duties and Ofsted inspection support. 

Research has identified that patterns of attendance are established at an early stage.
“Children with low attendance in the early years are more likely to start schools already behind their peers, particularly in their acquisition of language and their social development”.
We work collaboratively with parents, families and schools to install measurements and support to reduce this concern within today’s society.

The key elements of our service include:
  • Helping schools to manage the key performance area of Persistent Absence (PA)
  • Early intervention in cases where attendance is starting to cause concern.
  • Establishing effective home-school links and ensuring parents and carers understand their legal responsibilities
  • A casework service to support regular school attendance by identifying and helping to address any pupil and/or family needs linked to attendance.
  • Cross-border working protocols with neighbouring local authorities to ensure pupils attending Liverpool schools are engaged irrespective of living out of authority.
  • Representing schools as requested at a range of multi-agency forums supporting families and pupils, including safeguarding meetings.
  • Supporting the development of best practice in school by auditing and review of attendance management practice and procedures.
  • Advice on attendance data management.
Our Education Welfare annual service agreement is is available now. 

If you are yet to receive a copy of our agreements and would like to know more about what's on offer, please email marketing@si.liverpool.gov.uk and our friendly team will send you further information. 

Due to demand, we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible with your requirements. 
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