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Designated Teachers


By working to raise academic attainment, a designated teacher can make a significant difference to a child’s life chances.

Under the Children and Young Persons Act 2008, all schools have a statutory responsibility to assign a designated teacher to promote and monitor the educational achievements of all looked after children on their roll. 

We have a dedicated team to provide all the necessary up-to-date advice and guidance to support designated teachers, to carry out their statutory requirements.

The role of the designated teacher is to promote the educational achievement of every looked after child on the school’s roll.

The school should make a positive difference by promoting a whole school culture where by the personalised learning needs of every looked after child matters and their personal, emotional and academic needs are prioritised.
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Our service

Briefing sessions: presented by Service Directors, Divisional Managers and Independent Reviewing Officers, which allows teachers to be share best practice around similar challenges which they are facing and share ideas.

Newsletter for designated teachers: this service is used to improve communications with DTs, inform DT’s of new initiatives and create a space for on-going dialogue; through a termly newsletter ‘Looked after the learning’.

Designated teacher visits: the intended outcome of this service is to explore how Looked after Children’s education is promoted in different schools.

Our service is continuously reviewed in order to ensure our service is an accessible resource that supports ST’s in the delivery of their statutory responsibilities.

“I enjoyed being able to chat to other teachers facing
the same challenges and sharing ideas”

“Really made me think about the children’s
perception of being in care”

“I enjoyed the presentation by the IRO –
very relaxed and honest! I liked it a lot”

“I enjoyed listening to the views and experiences
from the Children in Care Council”
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