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Children Missing in Education

Children Missing in Education (CME)
The CME team support any work surrounding children who have become lost from local or national education systems.

Due to the complex backgrounds which are commonly associated with CME pupils, there is always a heightened awareness of possible vulnerability, including safeguarding and therefore our team deliver a service with full understanding of possible circumstances.

To help identify CME, you can read our paper on 'How do Children go missing?'

The areas of work within local authorities consist of three main strands;
  • Preventing poor school attendance and truancy.
  • Acting once absence occurred to establish children’s safety and try to get them back to school.
  • Taking action to trace children whose whereabouts are unknown

Schools Portal - Admission and Deletion from Roll - New Statutory Requirement for schools

Amendments to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations  came into effect on 1st September 2016. 
Under Regulation 12 schools are now legally required to notify their Local Authority of every new entry to the admission register within five days of the pupil being enrolled. In addition to this, every deletion from the school register must also be notified to the Local Authority, as soon as one of the statutory grounds for deletion has been satisfied and not later than the date on which the pupil is removed from roll.

To enable schools to fulfil these new statutory duties, an online form has been devised for completion, and can be accessed at: https://schoolsportal.liverpool.gov.uk/  

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 provide the original regulations, including regulation 8 which stipulates the grounds under which a school may remove a pupil from roll. The 2006 Regulations may be accessed at legislation.gov.uk


Pupils who are not attending, but remain on roll at a school should be managed by the normal process.

If you need to remove a pupil, read Guidance on taking a pupil off roll.

CME Referral

The CME team strive to:
  • Identify and locate all referred pupils.
  • Confirm educational provision is in place /is needed.
  • Facilitate a return to education where appropriate.
  • Work closely with local safeguarding forums and regional and national CME networks.
CME referral form

Where a pupil has been identified as no longer at a known address and all efforts to locate them have failed the case should be referred to the CME team.

Schools can request support by using the CME referral form


CME : Tel  0151 233 1381 / 1611 / 3375 / 2972 
Email:  CME@liverpool.gov.uk

Pupil Tracking Officer : Joanne McKenna
mobile: 07739 236 212

Caseworker: John Sorensen  
mobile: 07989 251 769

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