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Child Sexual Exploitation

Resources for Professionals

Disturbing SignsHow can professionals identify behaviour indicating young people are at risk of sexual exploitation? Disturbing Signs is a graphic looking at 3 abuse models and the signs to alert professionals to sexual exploitation  

Going to Court  -  A step-by-step guide to being a witness- video

Seen through the eyes of a witness, this animation explains what to expect throughout the court process and follows the journey a witness makes from making a statement, right through the criminal court process and after the trial.

Barnardos leaflet for professionals regarding CSE

Department for Education – Step by Step Guide for Front Line Practitioners

Brook Advisory – Sexual Behaviours Tool

National Working Group – Tackling CSE

Child Exploitation Online Protection  (CEOP) 

NSPCC – Links to resources for professionals

Resources for Parents

ParentZone is a leading provider of information, training and support designed to make
the internet work for families, with special emphasis on involving parents and carers:

CEOP: 'Nude Selfies: What Parents and Carers Need to Know'. This is a series of four short
animated films for parents and carers offering advice on how to help keep their children safe
from the risks associated with sharing nude and nearly nude images.

NSPCC - advice for parents about talking to your child about creating, sending or receiving explicit images

An e-learning package for parents and carers on exploitation 

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation - Support for parents and carers

Facebook privacy settings

Top tips for iPhone, Blackberry, Nintendo, Playstation, Xbox, iPad and iPod touch

Child Exploitation Online Protection (CEOP) Centre website for parents and carers

Childnet -  Information for keeping your child safe online:

Be aware, stay alert, keep safe! - A leaflet from Barnardos 

A mini booklet about Child Sexual Exploitation

Healthy Relationship Checklist

The Underwear Rule

Resources for Young People

CEOP Think you know -  Topics include sexting, webcam, using social networks, inappropriate content and chatting with strangers online.

CEOP Exploited  -  Exploited helps young people learn to stay safe from sexual exploitation by
recognising the signs.

First2aMillion - Interactive video playlist following Aleeya and Tariq as they compete with Jamal for internet fame. Aimed at adolescents, the viewer must choose the path Aleeya and Tariq take and explore the consequences of their risk-taking behaviour. 

CEOP consequences - Helps to explore consequences of online grooming

Cody’s Choices / Dean’s Choices - The intention is not only to educate young learners but to offer solutions that will empower them to build a personal resilience against those involved in Child Sexual Exploitation. Contact Nikki Owens for copy – nikki.owens@liverpool.gov.uk

aSk app - is a health information app for young people in the UK encouraging safer
sex and signposting to advice & services

Lollipop is an Interactive Live Action Facebook Connect experience.

Ariel trust provide web based and interactive programmes aimed to help young people
consider the issues around keeping safe and making decisions about relationships and how
to deal with them. 

CSE and Me – Barnardos - The story of 2 young people and their struggle with missing and

Association of Young People's Health - A website designed by young people for use by young people on staying safe

Be aware, stay alert, keep safe! - A leaflet from Barnado's

A mini booklet about Child Sexual Exploitation

Healthy Relationship Checklist 

A booklet of creative writing by young people who are at risk of, or who have experience of,
sexual exploitation

Your Guide. Sex, Secrets and Lies

Thistle - An awareness raising film for you to use highlight the issues of Child Sexual Exploitation

NSPCC Animation regarding CSE

NSPCC’s Share Aware campaign - a great way to engage with parents about how sometimes
children and young people share too much information online.

NSPCC’s Net Aware campaign - a great tool for parents and school staff to understand better the range of social media apps that children and young people of all ages are currently using.
Net Aware allows you type in the name of an app (as well as seeing an A-Z listing of all apps
that they have reviewed) and see what the app does and the risks associated with that app.
So if you want to know all about tumblr, Keek and ooVoo, for example, check out Net Aware.

NSPCC The Underwear Rule

Staying safe online

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