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Liverpool Children’s University (CU) is part of an exciting national initiative that encourages and celebrates participation in a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities outside school hours. National research shows a clear link between participation in study support activities and academic progress due to increased self-esteem and confidence.

There are lots of fun and exciting activities taking place outside of normal school hours in different places across Merseyside and beyond where children and young people can collect learning credits.  To help your child get the most out of joining Children’s University: 
  • Encourage your child to take up opportunities offered by the school and to attend regularly.
  • Encourage your child to join in other activities in your area.
  • Recommend good organisations to us if they are not already CU Learning Destinations.
  • Come along to the CU ceremonies when invited and celebrate your child’s success!

Children educated in schools

Firstly, ask in school if they are subscribed to the Children's University. If they aren’t subscribed to us, it may be for a number of reasons.  It may be that they don’t know about us and the wonderful benefits Children’s University brings to children and young people – so please tell them!  If they do not wish to subscribe you can still join Open CU  – see below for details!

Children educated at home

Children Educated at Home are welcome to join Open CU under an individual membership.  For more information see below!

Please note: Liverpool Children's University is only allowed to track the credits of pupils who attend schools in Liverpool (or live within a Liverpool postcode if they are home-educated).

How does it work?
Members collect 1 credit for each hour they attend an accredited CU activity.  These credits are tracked throughout the year using the Passport to Learning and the E-Passport.
Children’s commitment to learning is celebrated by recording participation in all aspects of voluntary learning through an awards system. One credit is awarded for each hour of learning that takes place. These are then converted into awards:
  • Bronze (30 hours)
  • Silver (65 hours)
  • Gold (100 hours)
  • …and these continue right up to 1000 hours!
Children's University Award Structure

Where do Children’s University activities happen?
Children’s University activities all take place in Learning Destinations.  Learning Destinations are places where you can collect CU credits by attending fun and exciting activities.

What types of activities are included?
  • We will include any activity which:
  • Is about learning
  • Is voluntary
  • Raises aspirations and broadens horizons

Only activities taking place at certified Learning Destinations count towards CU credits.  Every Learning Destination across the country is listed on the CU website and new activities are added all the time, so keep checking to see what’s happening in your area! If you know of a local club or activity which isn’t a Learning Destination get in touch and keep spreading the word about CU! All CU events take place in accredited Learning Destinations, where you can collect CU credits by attending fun and exciting activities. 

Every Learning Destination across the country is listed on the CU website and new activities are added all the time, so keep checking to see what’s happening in your area!
Every University holds a graduation ceremony to reward the achievements of their learners – and CU is no different!   Children’s University graduation ceremony is the highlight of our year, complete in cap and gown it is a special time where we celebrate success with our families. 
Children are welcome to join Open Children’s University with an individual annual membership. 
Membership costs £35 per child per year, and entitles you to:
  • A Passport for Learning
  • Annual licence for the E-Passport, to track your learning journey
  • Access to the Children’s University website, including up to date lists of Learning Destinations across the world!
  • Invitation to our Graduation ceremony when you reach your Gold Award level
  • How do I join Open CU?
  • It’s as simple as 1…2…3…

Sign up! 

To join, simply fill in your details HERE! Once you’ve joined you’ll be sent a pack included your Passport to Learning and E-Passport log in details - this is where you can keep track of all your CU credits, find out what CU activities there are and it will give you access to news and events, even your countdown to graduation!

Get involved!

Get your Passport to Learning stamped at your activities, and make sure you record all of your clubs on the E-Passport too!  You’ll be able to keep track of your credits via the E-Passport, and share what activities you’ve been taking part in as well!

Spread the word!

We hope you enjoy being a part of Open Children’s University - and don’t forgot tell your friends!
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