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Here at Children’s University we love nothing more than celebrating achievement – we know our students do too!

The celebration of achievement plays a key part in raising the aspirations of all children, as is the highlight in the CU calendar!

Graduation ceremony
At our annual graduation, we plan and deliver an event for students and parents, including:
  • Graduation ‘caps and gowns’
  • Certificates and medals for each graduate
  • Individual photographs
  • Graduation programmes
  • Inspirational speakers and presentations
Many children will not have encountered a University environment and many will not imagine that they might one day belong there. To make this real to children and to help them to see that such opportunities are within their grasp, the main celebration of achievement takes the form of award ceremonies in or with a University or Further Education institution near to the children's homes, attended by parents, family and friends.


At these ceremonies, children are presented with Children's University certificates that recognise their participation in Children's University activities. These certificates are awarded on the basis of hours of attendance so that they can be gained by all children irrespective of ability. Importantly, the certification follows the same pattern across all CUs, giving a real currency to the children's work. At the same time, it provides a clear record of participation on a cumulative basis that is useful to schools in monitoring children's out of school learning and helps to identify and evaluate the extent of children's involvement.

Children's University certificates can only be awarded to children who have followed courses that have been recognised by the Children's University, through its validation scheme, as providing high quality education. Again, this ensures that the certificates have real meaning.


Children are encouraged to progress through the Children's University certification scheme, based on their number of hours of attendance throughout their involvement with the Children's University. Bronze, silver and gold certificates are awarded at CU Undergraduate, CU Postgraduate and CU Doctorate levels. The hours and expectations associated with these levels are outlined below. Honorary certificates are also awarded for outstanding achievement and commitment.

The certification process also provides a ready means of recognising and monitoring the highest achievers or those who may need encouragement. In turn, this links in to mentoring schemes that operate in local CU centres and which aim to support children and to help them plan the next stages of their involvement.

You can view the awards structure more clearly here.
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