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Aspiring Leadership Programme

This programme has been designed to address the needs of classroom practitioners looking to prepare themselves to follow the path to school leadership

The programme is open to participants from any phase (primary or secondary) and any setting (mainstream; special; academy; maintained etc.)

The programme will enable participants to focus on 5 key priority areas in the development of effective leadership: 
  • using strategic vision to motivate and inspire
  • empowering colleagues at all levels
  • accumulating and sharing internal knowledge
  • gathering and integrating external information
  • challenging the status quo and enabling creativity

Why aspiring Leadership?

The key aims of this programme are:
  • To introduce participants to the key elements of educational leadership
  • To differentiate between the knowledge and expertise required to lead in a school and the skills and attributes of a leader
  • To develop a sound foundation from which participants can access nationally recognised leadership qualifications eg. NMLDP, NPQH
  • To provide the opportunity to progress to M level study

Who is an aspiring leader?

Practitioners who demonstrate the following attributes:
  • adaptability – in other words, being flexible and demonstrating an ability to cope with change
  • self-confidence – having faith in your own abilities and ideas
  • proactivity – the ability to spot opportunities and come up with ideas and improvements, and to take on additional work or responsibility unprompted
  • reliability –performing consistently well and delivering on promises
  • ambition – having a clear idea about where you are going and how to achieve your goals

Programme Sessions

Session 1:  Leadership or Management?

Objectives:To clarify definitions of school leadership and management. To set out the programme objectives and expected outcomes

Session 2:  How well do you know your school? 

  • To explore and explain the RAISE online profile. 
  • To raise awareness of the key role of performance data in raising questions for school improvement
Session 3: The School Improvement Cycle: monitoring and evaluating impact

  • To clearly define the self-evaluation process including the role of lesson observation, workscrutiny and making judgements. 
  • To explore the Ofsted process and its role in school self-evaluation

Session 4: How influential am I?

  • To raise awareness of the key skills for developing self and others such as coaching and mentoring; conflict management; giving and receiving feedback

Session 5: Leading Change

  • To consider how skills, knowledge and expertise come together to recruit the best efforts of others with a view to obtaining results beyond the ordinary
The programme will cost £250 +VAT per participant for 5 sessions
For further information e-mail sil@si.liverpool.gov.uk.
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